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Shed bases / Garage bases

Most gardens will use a shed for gardening equipment and tools, the best form of foundation is a simple concrete formed base.Easily set up and installed and in most cases, doesn’t require much excavation, just a simple frame protruding 2/3 inches from the ground. Level should suffice. We provide concrete and a service to prepare […]

Foundations & Footings

Preparation for extensions and house building will always require the necessary foundations to build off. In most cases, it will require a depth of approximately one excavate and provide a solid form of construction, in cases where trees are formed close to the property you can expect to dig out an average of two […]

Concrete Driveways / Pattern imprinted

At Qualitymix we provide concrete for many local driveway companies we can offer standard concrete, pattern imprinted resin base concrete , dependent on customer requirement. Preparation for driveways should always consist of a strong foundation a minimum of 4 inches of MOT and a minimum of 4 inches of concrete with a high cement content […]

Construction / Reinforced Concrete

For construction based concrete there can be many mixes designs for various projects. If it is required for Kerbing and oversite a Gen 1 based concrete would generally be needed. For steel-reinforced bases and formwork C30/35 concrete is usually a more suitable mixed design. Our volumetric mixers can provide the correct design mix as requested […]

Concrete Repairs & Concrete Pumping

Every week we attend various sites that require concrete repairs. In most cases, parts of floor areas crack and will need to be cut out and repaired as necessary.Our volumetric Mixers are the ideal Truck for this type of work as we mix on site the exact amount required for the job,therefore no over or […]

Concrete Barriers / Inter-locking Style Blocks

At qualitymix we manufacture two types of blocks which are the jersey barrier block which has many different uses such as separate walkways in factories and on-road networks used as a protective barrier, the jersey block is 2.5 meters in length. As site safety is a legal requirement on all sites these blocks are the […]