Ready Mix Concrete in MerseysideOur ready mix concrete in Merseyside is our established and reliable company that contractors and do-it-yourselfers can depend on day after day. We like to see our concrete mixers rolling down the streets because it means that improvements are being made, people are working, structures are under construction and the economy is moving. We like to think others feel the same way. The population is experiencing a vibrancy not just because they see a load of the finest mix available on its way to a job site but also because something lasting is being created. We know you feel that way when you see us pull up to your job site as expected and on schedule as promised. We mix it on site to your specifications on the agreed pour date and time.

When you call us for concrete work, it doesn’t end all your construction headaches, but it does eliminate a few commonly recurring issues. We have a lot of experience in the Merseyside ready mix concrete business so we help you get the right mix. By computerising the factors the mix is as accurate as possible for its purpose. There’s no guessing and hoping. Your team gets the foundation ready for concrete with an eye to the weather. You don’t want guys standing around waiting for concrete but you want to make sure the weather is ideal. The result is often short notice when you need us. At our end, we’re aware of your approximate pour date and we have you pencilled in. You call us when you’re ready and we’ll be there on schedule.

Our customers for ready mix concrete in Merseyside are large and small contractors, utilities, municipalities and more. Their work schedule is subject to circumstances they can’t always control. That can mean late day or even weekend concrete delivery occasionally. Our commitment to customer service is your assurance we will be there. Contact Quality Mix for your first load or your next load of our quality mix concrete. Our vehicles are ready for anything the industry requires at the touch of a button. We offer a barrowing service but a standard 20 ft delivery chute is fitted for all deliveries to handle the difficult jobs.

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