Ready Mix Concrete in RainhillReady mix concrete in Rainhill makes the construction process a whole lot easier. Whether you are a first-time builder, a DIY enthusiast undertaking a new passion, a construction company facing a time crunch to get a project well underway or a utility contractor in need of fast-drying concrete, Quality Mix is the answer to all your concrete requirements. We are pleased to guarantee first class products and services.

For builders in Rainhill, ready mix concrete can be mixed on your building site, to your exact requirements. Our prices are competitive, and you only pay for what you need. We work according to 3 key factors – your satisfaction, price and reliability. When you order ready mix concrete, you can be sure that you will receive the right grade of concrete needed for your project. We offer a barrowing service, should you require it, and all our services are available as and when you need them, including out of hours and weekends. All of our vehicles are equipped with the latest in the Ready Mix Concrete industry requirements. Also available are admixtures, should it be necessary for them to added to the concrete mix, as well as  air entrain, plasticisers and trench fill foam agent. You can rely on us for a complete concrete delivery service.

Ready mix concrete in Rainhill is prepared by our experienced team. A family based business since the 1950’s, we take great pride in providing a customer focused service. If you need ready mix concrete for your building project, contact Quality Mix today. Offering a levelling service on request, we take the hassle out of laying the concrete for your project. Other than our first rate ready mix concrete, we also offer concrete Lego style blocks in 3 different sizes. Easily maneuvered, and ideal for a range of different applications, our multipurpose blocks are an excellent choice for every builder or DIY enthusiast. Speak to us for free advice and estimates. With our ready mix concrete, your building project can be completed efficiently and timeously.

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