Concrete Supplier in SankeyQuality Mix is the leading concrete supplier in Halewood because we support our clients, most of whom are general contractors, with quality products and reliable service. General contractors on construction sites walk a critical path to bring the job in on time without budget overages. It’s almost impossible unless the contractor has built some wiggle room into his bid. Every trade has to show up and finish on schedule and there is a myriad of obstacles to that happening. Weather has to cooperate too. Nobody wants a work slowdown because one trade didn’t show on time. Sheetrock installers are supposed to start today but the electricians haven’t finished wiring. They can’t close up the walls until the electrical is complete. Everybody take one step back further away from payday.

At Quality Mix, we don’t ever want tradesmen standing around waiting for us and we don’t want complaints against the quality of our concrete.  In Halewood, concrete supplier Quality Mix mixes concrete on site to your exact requirements. We estimate your quantity as close as possible but you never pay for what you do not use. If there’s mix left over, it’s not your cost. Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology so if you need an additive mixed with the concrete we can do that with one touch. We can use the chute when necessary just as we can wheelbarrow the mix in.     Our team will level and or stamp; all you have to do is schedule that with us. Sometimes the work schedule won’t fit into a single work week and you need us after hours or on weekends; we will accommodate you as part of our customer satisfaction standards.

You don’t have to be a general contractor on a big project for our concrete supplier in Halewood to serve you. Do-it-yourselfers, driveway companies, small companies; anybody needing any amount of concrete will receive the customer service that has made us a local leader in our industry.  Contact us whether you are building a backyard basketball court or a five-level parking garage. We will be there on time; you can count on it. Trust our experience. Our family has been in business since 1950’s, handing down skills and work ethics from generation to generation.

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