Concrete Supplier in HaltonWhen time and quality matter, the concrete supplier in Halton you want is Quality Mix. Our long established WA8 OPA environmentally regulated company has a reputation for efficient but friendly service when you need it; even on weekends. If you are a small builder pressed to bring the job in on schedule, our flexibility can help you avoid penalty fees. Maybe your construction company needs daily dependable deliveries of consistent quality concrete blends. We are your go-to company. Homeowners needing a concrete pad foundation for a shed or a pattern imprinted concrete driveway know their business is important to us. If there’s no room or no need for truck access, we will barrow the concrete to the site. Leveling service is available too.

We know you could probably get a lower price from a company with a less than stellar reputation. For those in Halton, concrete supplier costs could double if the mix is poor quality and has to be redone. We’ve solved your pricing dilemma by guaranteeing the lowest price value for value. Our product is the quality you want and we promise the customer service you need. You don’t have to wonder if you’re getting the best price. If you find the same quality cheaper, we’ll meet that price. Our trucks are equipped with a 20ft chute and meet industry regulations. Using either the chute or hand barrowing, we will put the concrete on the designated spot and accept that responsibility belongs to us.

As your concrete supplier in Halton, Quality Mix manages admixtures on site with just the touch of a button. Air Entrain can be added to alleviate the pressure from expansion and contraction in cold weather. A plasticiser may be added for strength. Trench fill foam agents added to your concrete will allow the mixture to level  and compact, making an excellent concrete seal. Contact Quality Mix and tell us what you need. What you need is all you pay for. If we’ve estimated your quantity too high, that’s on us not you. Quality, customer service, convenience, reliability and lowest prices is what you’re looking for. It’s all right here with us at Quality Mix.

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