Concrete Supplier in PenkethIf you’re looking for a concrete supplier in Penketh, Quality Mix is your best bet. Having been in the business since the 1950’s, our family-run business takes pride in providing a service that is focused on the customer. Whatever your requirements, we’ll provide ready-mixed concrete that is mixed on the delivery site. When you order from us, we can assure you that there will be no mess or waste and no need for any returns, as you’ll be paying for the concrete that you requested and require.

Making use of the best concrete supplier will make your project run efficiently, as well as ensure the best end results. In Penketh, a concrete supplier is available to provide services every day of the week, including out of hours. Whether you’re handling a commercial construction project or are simply doing a DIY project, concrete from Quality Mix will ensure ease of handling the task. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and work in accordance to industry regulations and standards. Admixtures can easily be added to the mix while air entrains, plasticizers and trench fill foam are also all available. This is how we are able to achieve smooth concrete with a consistent blend that is free of defective material that would affect its efficiency. Not every task is easy but that doesn’t deter us from fulfilling a request. With the 20ft delivery chute, we are able to complete even the most difficult of jobs. Whether you’re a construction industry, a conservatory company or a small builder, you can take advantage of our barrowing services as well.

When you are searching for a concrete supplier in Penketh, use the service of a highly regarded company. We base our service on three key factors in order to ensure quality service has ben rendered; customer satisfaction, price and reliability. If you need a reliable concrete supplier, contact Quality Mix. Our experts will be able to assist you on choosing the right concrete mix for you and your project. We also provide a pattern imprint service, and supply for easier transportation.

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