Concrete Supplier in RainhillWe are a premium concrete supplier in Rainhill. This allows you to order your ready mix concrete with the confidence of knowing that it will be mixed and delivered on site to the recommended specifications. If you are building a home project and need concrete for foundations and also for screed then you will possibly need two different mixes.  If our mixer trucks can get right up to the site we can use a mixer truck and the concrete can be spread by hand. If the site is a way from the road with a wall or fence in between we have a very useful barrow service which will convey the concrete to where it is needed. This saves you having to hire extra labour to move the concrete and having concrete patches on your lawn.

If you need a large amount of cement in Rainhill, concrete supplier vehicles will save you time and money. There is no need for buying sand and stone and cement that has to be mixed with water to create your concrete.  This is labour intensive and very tiring as well as being more costly than buying a load of ready mix. We can deliver anywhere from half a metre a day up to 300 metres a day. We can meet the specifications for just about any application from common domestic uses like foundations to garage and conservatory floors. We even provide ready mix concrete where additives like fibres are needed for large scale industrial development.

We are well known as a concrete supplier in Rainhill that will deliver concrete to our customers out of hours and weekends if required. Contact Quality Mix today and order your ready mix concrete for your summer project. We are a family run and owned business that is now in the third generation of the family. The company was started in the 1950’s and has been successful ever since. This is largely due to our providing a quality product in the right quantity. We also manufacture and supply multipurpose concrete Lego style blocks that can be used for constructing all manner of buildings and roads. They require no foundations and are frequently used on farms and to build recycling bays but they have many other uses and come in three different block sizes.

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