CReady Mix Concrete in PenkethReady mix concrete in Penketh is often necessary when you undertake home improvements or renovations.  It is difficult enough digging foundations or clearing areas that need a concrete filling, and mixing concrete by hand is a laborious business. We specialise in delivering ready mixed concrete to the area where it will be used. If the place the concrete is needed is too far for the concrete chute, we have a wheelbarrow service that will take the mix to the spot it is needed. There is no wastage as you only pay for the concrete you use. We only supply quality concrete mixes that are made to the strength required by the improvements you are undertaking.

We supply a number of different customers that require our services. In Penketh, ready mix concrete is supplied to builders, DIY enthusiasts who are doing home improvements and to large scale industrial constructions. We are able to supply our ready mix concrete out of hours or on weekends if required. You’ll be interested to know that we have a revolutionary new multipurpose Lego style block design. These make construction much faster than using normal concrete bricks and blocks and can be stacked securely without foundations. They can be cemented together to build all sorts of buildings. The blocks lock together to provide extra strength for many diverse buildings on farms and elsewhere. The speed of construction with these blocks is astounding.

We supply some of the best ready mix concrete in Penketh. Contact Quality Mix today and let us deliver the concrete to your property.  When you need a cement supplier it is good to know you can count on the professional services of our company to provide ready mix concrete and cement for any job. We have a levelling service available on request and also offer a barrow service if needed. Customer satisfaction, price and reliability are our three key factors in the service we provide. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest in the ready mix industry requirements and admixtures can be added to the concrete at the touch of a button. We also have air entrain, plasticisers and trench fill foam agents on request. Our 20 foot delivery chute will make placing the concrete easy.

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