Ready Mix Concrete in RainhillQuality Mix supplies ready mix concrete in Rainhill to do-it-yourselfers, the construction companies and small builders throughout the area. Our customers have two things in common; they want a quality product and they need the lowest price possible. At Quality Mix we have no problem guaranteeing our ready mix is the finest and our prices can’t be beat value for value. As a company we have addressed those two important criteria right up front. The third thing all of our customers need is reliability. They can’t have finishers standing around getting paid for doing nothing because the concrete truck hasn’t shown up. We’re there when agreed.

An even worse scenario is the concrete truck shows up but with a shortage of product and another truck has to be sent out right away. In Rainhill, ready mix concrete from Quality Mix gets the measurement right the first time. You will know exactly what your cost will be because it will only be for the amount you need, even if there’s still some left on the truck. It’s mixed on site and if you need levellers, we will provide them. If you want a pattern imprint, which keeps growing in popularity, we offer that service. Our equipment is state-of-the-art so additives can be mixed in with just a push of the button. Twenty foot chutes will deliver the concrete to hard to reach spaces and if that won’t do it we’ll take it in by wheelbarrow.

Quality Mix is your source for ready mix concrete in Rainhill. Our commitment to customer service and quality products has been the driving force of our family business since its founding nearly 60 years ago. Contact Quality Mix for concrete deliveries large or small, one off or regularly scheduled deliveries. Remember, you only pay for what you need and you’ll know that price up front. The only thing that can disrupt our deliveries is weather and we keep a close check on that as we schedule out days in advance. Count on our expertise, qualified drivers, quality product and dependability to make your job run smooth and trouble free.

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