Ready Mix Concrete in WarringtonFor ready mix concrete in Speke, look to Quality Mix. Our family business has been established since the 1950’s supplying concrete mixed on site to construction contractors for domestic and commercial use, large and small. We are able to supply utility companies and domestic do-it-yourself projects like basketball courts, patios and driveways. Our ready mix is always mixed on site to your specification. Estimating the needed amount of concrete is not an exact science. For that reason, we only charge you for the concrete you use. Our concrete mixer trucks are equipped with a 20 foot delivery chute for hard to reach areas but if that’s not enough, we’ll barrow it in for you.

We understand that you need the concrete when you need it. Sometimes in Speke, ready mix concrete delivery can be scheduled well ahead of time. Other times, weather or construction slowdowns require us to be flexible. We believe in providing our customer with exceptional service so we offer that needed flexibility even if it means the delivery must be outside normal working hours. We include dependability and fair pricing in our customer service equation. If you need or levelling services upon delivery that can be arranged upon your request. For those who are unfamiliar with the concrete grading system, we can give you the right grade for the job. For patterned work, just ask.

Our ready mix concrete in Speke is delivered by our own trucks which meet the Ready Mix Concrete industry vehicle standards. If you need admixtures such as trench fill foam, plasticisers or air entrain, it’s as easy as the touch of a button in our trucks. Contact Quality Mix for ready mix concrete to your specifications delivered on time and mixed on site. Think of us when you need concrete Lego style blocks for fast construction of barriers, walls, road construction dividers and much more. They fit together just like Lego Blocks for a tight and secure seal that will withstand the elements. Put up a storage building fast using Lego like blocks and a roofing system; no special foundation needed. For temporary use, we have concrete blocks for hire.

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