Ready Mix Concrete in WarringtonQuality Mix supplies ready mix concrete in Sutton so we work with a lot of general contractors on jobs small and large. We know that when a general contractor hires us and any other sub-contractor, they are putting their reputation on the line. Their bid for the whole job has been accepted and likely a satisfaction guarantee has been offered the customer in writing along with the cost and completion date. We won’t be beaten on price and that’s a fact but that’s not why the general contractors we work with choose Quality Mix. We get the right mix for the job, mix it on site, charge for only what is used and do the finish work as requested.

It’s humbling because years from now when the customer is standing on our concrete surface telling others what a great job that contractor did, our name won’t come up; just the general contractor. At Quality Mix, we’re okay with that because in Sutton, ready mix concrete we supply makes our customers and the general contractors who hire us happy. So not only do we supply the concrete but we show up on schedule. We know you don’t want work coming to a stop while everyone stands around waiting for the concrete guy to show up. That’s not how we operate. We won’t be wasting your money by wasting your time. You don’t have to pay for more than you need just to make sure you have enough.

Technology in the business of ready mix concrete in Sutton keeps track of the actual amount of concrete you use, not the amount we mix for you on site. Technology also makes sure the ready mix is specifically to your specifications with just the push of a few buttons. Contact Quality Mix for your next job contract and we promise we’ll make you look good. Because we’re family owned we have a vested interest in our company’s reputation. For us, customer service along with fair prices and quality product has been an unbeatable combination since the 1950’s. We run a tight ship so there’s no worries about waste, returns or job delays.

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