Concrete Supplier in Great SankeyAt Quality Mix, concrete supplier in Great Sankey, you can count on getting the best deal possible. We’ve been in business a long time and that’s a lot of experience under our belt. Our philosophy for longevity in the business is simple; give the customers what they want. One thing customers want is a first-class product and we guarantee that’s what we’ll deliver and mix on site. We know reliability is important so you can count on us showing up as scheduled. Price matters to everybody so we go with a price that can’t be beaten. Customers seem to like that but we go one step further. We try to estimate closely how much concrete you’re going to use and we’ll tell you what the cost for that load is going to be. Now, when we get there, if you don’t use all the concrete you don’t pay for all the concrete. You only pay for what you use. We haul the excess back with us and you don’t have to bother.

Our service is available to homeowners for DIY projects, the construction industry, including small builders, utility construction and maintenance and more. In Great Sankey, a concrete supplier can even provide the service and supply the concrete for your pattern imprinted driveway or patio. Those really look great. On the job, barrowing and levelling service is available. Any additives you might need for the mix are available with just the touch of a button in our vehicles which meet all industry requirements. Our 20 ft concrete chute is standard for some of the tougher deliveries. We can also supply Lego-style concrete blocks in three different sizes for sale or for hire. Their usefulness in so many industries like farming, landscaping, construction and more is indisputable.

Your best concrete supplier in Great Sankey is at your service when others won’t be. If we’re needed out of hours and on weekends, we’ll be there. We get the mix right the first time, every time. Contact Quality Mix for the best concrete supplier and be done with late deliveries, poor quality and high prices. Ours is a family business that originated nearly seventy years ago. As third-generation owner-operators, we’re proud of our continuing success because it proves our belief that success results from customer-focused service, quality products and best prices.

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