Concrete Driveways in St HelensConcrete driveways in St Helens are an excellent investment in your home. Concrete is a nice looking smooth surface with a lifespan of about 30 years depending on weather extremes. Other factors contributing to the lifespan of your concrete driveway is the quality of the concrete mix and installation work. At Quality Mix, we supply the concrete for most local driveways, both standard and patterned. You can see examples of our products at various stages and ages throughout the area. We have been supplying ready mixed concrete, mixed on site to specifications for over fifteen years. Our product expertise assures you receive accurate advice regarding the right mix, quantity and weather recommendations for all your concrete projects including your driveway. Our concrete mix is always the best quality

You only pay for the concrete that you use when doing business with us at Quality Mix. In St Helens, concrete driveways should be a high cement content mixture poured to a minimum of four inches thick over a well-prepared foundation. But we would advise you to consider a thickness of six inches for a busy family with vehicles in and out frequently, including the occasional heavy truck. Thicker is better too, if your concrete driveway doubles as a basketball and hockey court or if Big Wheel races are daily occurrences. To prevent stress cracks from expansion and contraction we recommend relief joints be incorporated and likely your contractor will too.

Concrete driveways in St Helens constructed using Quality Mix on site concrete mix may develop little stress fractures after a decade or two. One of the benefits of investing in a concrete driveway is that those cracks can be repaired, leaving your concrete good as new. Left unrepaired, the cracks will widen and crumble beyond repair. At that point, replacement is the only option if you want a nice looking driveway. At Quality Mix, we serve do-it-yourselfers as well as contractors. Contact us and tell us about your concrete project and we’ll help you by formulating the right mix on your job site. If you need some recommendations for patterned concrete designs we can suggest some options.

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