eady Mix Concrete in Great SankeyReady mix concrete in Great Sankey, mixed on site to your specifications from the highest quality materials is what any customer should expect from a supplier. We meet those requirements and a few more. You’ll save money because we only ask that you pay only for what you use. If there is more in the ordered load than you need, we’ll take it away so you don’t have to. We won’t charge you for the unused product. Our company was first established over fifteen years ago. In fact, we were the first in the area to purchase the volumetric concrete mixer. This truck-mounted cement mixer is designed with individual compartments for sand, water, stone, water and cement. We can now also add in colour, fibre systems, admix and more. Look for our Kitemark Symbol; we’re very proud of it.

Our use of Ready Mix and the volumetric concrete mixer reduces the waste that causes increased prices. In Great Sankey, ready mix concrete can produce exact quantities even small quantities. There’s no panic to get it poured because we mix it on site, it won’t stiffen. If your job calls for several mixes, we can alternate between them as needed. That’s a real time and money saver. Our staff is customer oriented and equipped to advise you regarding proper mix ratios, quantity and time schedules. We’ll make sure you get the right product, delivered on time at the lowest possible cost. If you need help on site with finish work, we can help. Our chute can usually put the cement where you want it but if necessary we’ll wheelbarrow it to otherwise inaccessible sections.

Once you ordered ready mix concrete in Great Sankey from and we’ve delivered, we’ll be checking back with you. We want to know if everything went as you expected and if you are satisfied with the service and product quality. Our company has been gradually built, one customer at a time, for whom we endeavour to exceed expectations. Contact Quality Mix and let us show you what we can do. Big jobs or small, domestic or commercial; everybody gets attentive customer service, fair prices and the perfect mix Ask us about our other services like patterned concrete and concrete blocks.

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