Concrete Repairs in WhistonFor durable, top-quality concrete repairs in Whiston, there’s one name you can trust and that is Quality Mix. Concrete structures and floors can develop cracks due to several reasons. Unless prompt repairs are done, these can affect the entire structure or floor, posing a safety hazard. Our company was established more than 15 years ago and we are proud of being the first in the Cheshire area to own a volumetric concrete mixer. Since then we have ensured that we have stayed in the forefront of innovation and modern technology, while combining these with traditional customer service. Our dedicated team’s 100% focus on delivering excellent quality at affordable rates has earned us the reputation of being one of the leading concrete suppliers in the Liverpool and Cheshire areas.

For property owners in Whiston, concrete repairs have to be undertaken only after a thorough survey of the site and the fault. Cracks can be both structural and non-structural. If the basic design is faulty, or there is overloading, structural cracks can develop, endangering safety. Non-structural cracks are not hazardous, but they look unsightly and spoil the look of the structure or floor and give the impression that they are a safety risk. Some types of cracks develop because of inherent defects in the original concrete that was used. Other cracks may have developed due to drying or shrinkage and may settle down after a period of time, requiring only cosmetic repairs. Once our highly-trained team conducts its evaluation, we can suggest the best solution to the problem.

Concrete repairs in Whiston may be required to fix potholes, holes and isolated damaged areas in the floor by using the patch repair method. Small and large areas of concrete floor may be pitted, flaked or spalled and these need resurfacing. Should you need assistance with concrete repairs, contact us today. Very narrow cracks can be repaired with epoxy injection provided there is no moisture or leakage in the vicinity of the cracks. Another method that can be used if there are no structural problems is routing and sealing of fine pattern cracks and isolated cracks. For concrete floors, steps and plinths, the reservoir method can be used.

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