Concrete Driveways in WhistonWe may not pave the world, yet, but many concrete driveways in Whiston are the result of our Quality Mix concrete. Local builders, driveway companies and brave do-it-yourselfers depend on our expertise to get the right mix and the correct depth. So many people today want a strong concrete driveway. However, they really like the looks of brick, stone or another pattern for their property. Our pattern imprinted concrete or resin base concrete meets this need in a durable and economical way. Resin based concrete helps retain the moisture in concrete for complete hydration. The hydrocarbon resins break down after about 4 weeks and dissipate. Curing the concrete in this way for at least 20 days doubles the strength of the concrete compared to the minimum guideline of 4 days.

The importance of a properly prepared foundation is critical to the looks and durability of your concrete driveway. In Whiston, concrete driveways are only as good as their foundation. Check with your contractor that the job is done right before we’re called to pour. We may check the foundation and note it’s condition. If the structure fails early, it won’t be because of the quality of our concrete. Concrete driveways usually last 30 years. The durability and attractiveness make these driveways a cost effective investment in property. Of course, preparation and care count. It doesn’t pay to skimp on the construction of the driveway so use our excellent concrete mix and make it deep enough. It will save you money in the long run.

For concrete driveways in Whiston installed using Quality Mix, the concrete is mixed on site to specifications. Our trucks have on board automatic additive capability when needed as well. We are also willing to assist with levelling and finishing. We help you determine the amount of concrete you will need delivered. However, if you don’t use it all we don’t ask you to pay for it and handle the disposal. You only pay for what you use. Contact Quality Mix and discover the difference dependable quality and attentive customer service can make in your workday. We bring 15 years’ experience and the BSI Kitemark to all of your concrete projects.

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