Concrete Repairs in PrescotReliable concrete repairs in Prescot are carried out by Quality Mix. We are a leader in ready mix concrete installation and repairs. We were the first in the area to adopt the incredibly accurate volumetric mixer so we could accurately mix to specifications for any type of job; even those that require barrows. Blending in additives is computerised for accuracy. So we are able to get the specific mixture but we can also get closer to the exact amount required. We won’t come up short on material on your job but we will only charge for what you use. If there is leftover, we don’t charge you for it and we take it away so your job is left clean. We offer a comprehensive service backed by fifteen years of experience. We also show up with the concrete on schedule. 

You don’t have to look far to find concrete that needs repair. In Prescot, concrete repairs may be just a small crack in your driveway or whole sections of a foundation that have crumbled. Even the small cracks should be repaired because they let water in which seeps under the concrete and destabilises it. Repairs will head off more extensive and expensive repairs or replacement. Sometimes, concrete cracks because it wasn’t mixed correctly or it was poor quality to start with. You can avoid that by calling us in to do your new work. However, cracks and damage can occur from age, use, extreme weather and too much weight. You’ll see it in basement walls, concrete step corners, kerbs with chunks missing and anywhere concrete is used.

We provide cost effective concrete repairs in Prescot for domestic, commercial and industrial facilities. You can count on our expertise to execute a smooth finish using quality concrete mixtures best suited to the job and the environment. Don’t forget to check the concrete uprights, barrier posts and concrete walls. Our team is ready to tackle just about any repair you have. Contact Quality Mix and tell us about your concrete project; new or repairs. We can give you a free quote that won’t change. We’ll talk about the best mixture for the job and give you a schedule you can depend on. 

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