Concrete Supplier in Whiston Quality Mix is the favourite concrete supplier in Whiston for homeowners. We’ve been in business over 15 years and a great portion of our concrete mix and supply is for commercial construction purposes. We have the formulas, add-ins, and equipment to meet the needs of all size commercial projects. We deliver the concrete you need, in the quantity you need and mix it on your job site to the correct specifications for the project. We don’t ask you to pay for what you don’t use. Our calculations are usually accurate but we take any excess away and never bill you for it. We always follow up to make sure our customers are happy with the results. You will see our BSI Kitemark for concrete suppliers. We’re proud of that.

Homeowners can be very resourceful and able to carry out many home improvement projects on their own. In Whiston, a concrete supplier makes our services available for such projects. We can advise you regardless of the size or complexity of your project. Since do-it-yourself projects are most likely to be a money-saving task, we think you’ll be pleased with our cost-effective service. Often these tasks, such as a concrete base for a garden shed, walkway, patio and more are in tight areas. Except for some projects like driveway and front walkways, the work is usually in the back garden area. That’s not somewhere a concrete mixer truck fits well. Not to worry, we are happy to use wheelbarrows and do a nice job for you.

When you choose us as your concrete supplier in Whiston, you will love the quality of concrete and our no waste and no mess service. You will always get first rate professionals with a friendly attitude. Contact Quality Mix and tell us about your upcoming project. We can offer you our expertise in choosing the ratios, recommending additives and how colours or patterns can be changed. We can also give directions for ground prep work and framing to achieve the best possible outcome. If you want us to help with that or with the finish work we are available. There is nothing more beautiful than freshly poured concrete setting up and creating a permanent foundation to live on or build on.

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