Concrete Driveways in PrescotConcrete driveways in Prescot are one of the most requested services at Quality Mix. So often customers will ask how to keep the concrete from developing cracks. If a concrete driveway develops cracks before it’s fifteen or twenty years old, then the cause is associated with the initial preparation. The foundation bed preparation must include adequate drainage. The freezing and thawing of water under the concrete will cause cracking. We’re going to provide the best mix for your purpose, pour it in quadrants so there is room for expansion, give the concrete time to set and seal it. But before we do all of that, we’re going to make sure the tree roots are removed and drainage is adequate.

Concrete driveways are an investment in your home that improves the appearance and the property value. For those in Prescot, concrete driveways are durable and require a minimum of maintenance over the years. If the driveway is on a commercial site and even for domestic sites, it has to support vehicle weight. So, if you plan to park heavy equipment or trucks, we’re going to pour to the appropriate depth. A minimum of 4 inches is usually the common depth but a minimum 6 inches for heavy vehicle use. Otherwise, your driveway will crack sooner rather than later. Once we know the mixture and approximate amount, we’re going to mix your driveway concrete on site.

You might want to consider pattern imprinted concrete driveways in Prescot. There are so many designs, some quite intricate and decorative. When we quote you a price, that price might change by the time we finish. You don’t have to take concrete you don’t use and you don’t have to pay for it either. We estimate your need so if we don’t use all the concrete, your price will be less than the quoted price. You only pay for what you use. Contact Quality Mix for exceptional products and services at the lowest possible prices. We’ve been a fixture in the area for over fifteen years. Our reputation with local contractors and individual customers attests to our exacting workmanship and reliability.

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