St Helens,Concrete Repairs in St Helens For concrete repairs in St Helens, look to Quality Mix. Concrete is strong and long lasting but wear and tear will eventually take a toll. Before you start breaking out old concrete, consult us to find out if a repair would be a possible solution. Concrete is tough but it can be damaged, especially by natural bacteria, environmental and household chemicals, expansion, erosion and rock salt. Sometimes, you’ll see where repairs have been attempted by non-professionals. The repair doesn’t blend and it doesn’t last. So while repairs to cracks and deep pits are possible, it has to be done right. At Quality Mix, these repairs are routine for us and every week we carry out several concrete repairs of various types and causes.

Just as our volumetric mixers create the right blend of concrete on site for new pours, they are ideal for repairs. In both cases, in St Helens, concrete repairs and new projects, the concrete is prepared on site. We measure closely and you only pay for what we use on your job. So when we arrive to make the repair, we usually make a clean cut to remove the damaged area and then pour the amount needed as we mix small amounts. Premix concrete that you buy in bags, mix and paste over the holes and cracks will look just like you pasted over the cracks. The colour and texture is all wrong so it will never blend. Whatever caused the crack to start with is still at work under your patch. It may just lift off in time.

At Quality Mix the proof is in the name for concrete repairs in St Helens. Professional repairs begin with skilled workers following the right series of steps and finishing with a quality product. Even deep cracks in concrete floors, walls, walkways and driveways can be repaired with the right products and skill. Those are found with us. When you see your concrete steps starting to pit it won’t be long until corners begin to chip away. So don’t wait; contact Quality Mix and get the repairs underway sooner rather than later. Don’t worry, if we don’t think a satisfactory repair is possible, we’ll tell you. After all, we have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. We won’t risk that.

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